Sun Catcher Studio

A natural light full service photography studio designed for professionals and amatures

We are a professionally equipped natural light studio. The Studio is a rentable workspace for photographers of all skill levels

Located in Wichita Falls near Midwestern State University Texas, Sun Catcher Studio is the perfect place to book a photography session, or drop in for some selfies. Harry Tonemah Photography is in Sun Catcher Studio, you can acquire his skills if you’d like professional photographs made.


Toddler Photo at Sun Catcher Studio


Studio Rooms

Great Room at Sun Catcher Studio

White Room

In our Great Room, a large space is available with moveable backdrops, green screen capabilities, daylight constant light,  a shiplap wall, as well as natural light.

White Room at Sun Catcher Studio

Great Room

Natural light fills The White Room, and we have additional movable constant lighting to suit your needs.

Podcast Room at Sun Catcher Studio

Podcast Room

In the Podcast Room, utilize our microphones, noise-cancelling features, and a calm ambiance to help you create the podcast you’ve been dreaming of.

Bridal Room at Sun Catcher Studio

Bridal Room

Our Bridal Room is ideal for traditional portraits, including bridal portraits and graduation portraits.

Woman Posing with Yellow Chair at Sun Catcher Studio

Easy as 1,2,3

How It Works

1. Book Your Session Online

Reserve the Studio online. Simply follow this link to reserve the Studio.


2. Request What You Need

Provide any requests for lighting, background, and prop needs to make sure they are on-site.

3. We Confirm Your Reservation

Confirmation will come straight to your email and we’ll send a reminder before your reservation, too.


Our Covid-19 Policy

To help keep our clientele and our small business staff safe, Sun Catcher Studio is following current suggestions by the Centers for Disease Control.



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